Sustainable development


When we talk about ‘sustainability’ at all stages of project development, we not only mean our own personal respect for nature, but we are also referring to certain concrete numbers. This is confirmed by our EDGE certification.

What is EDGE?

EDGE is an international building sustainability certificate that recognises a contribution to the preservation of the environment. EDGE is used for green construction certification in more than 170 countries, including Thailand.

Our goal is to reduce resource consumption as much as possible, which is why we aim for an advanced level of EDGE certification.

The Cost-Effectiveness of La Vista Villas in Numbers

Villa Energy saving Water saving Material embodied energy saving
Type A 54% 29% 36%
Type B 51% 29% 29%
Type C1 45% 29% 23%
Type C2 45% 29% 23%
Energy saving
Type A 54%
Type B 51%
Type C1 45%
Type C2 45%
Water saving
Type A 29%
Type B 29%
Type C1 29%
Type C2 29%
Material embodied energy saving
Type A 36%
Type B 29%
Type C1 23%
Type C2 23%

Advantages of green building

Minimization of the negative impact
Sustainable building practices do more good for the environment than they do harm. By taking care of the environment, we ultimately take care of ourselves, our children and grandchildren.
Protection of the environment
We use technologies that significantly reduce the consumption of electricity and water, which will decrease the running costs of the building.
Reduction of the utility cost
We use technologies that will reduce electricity and water consumption by more than 40% to help the owners to save on utility bills during the operation of the building.

Certify Green and Change Your World

An innovation of IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, EDGE makes it easy to design and certify resource-efficient and Zero Carbon buildings.

Taken measures

  • Thermal roof insulation protects living spaces from outside heat, which results in energy savings by reducing the need for constant cooling.

  • Q-Con aerated concrete block walls allow for savings on air conditioning due to their low thermal conductivity.

  • AirPower, a water-saving sanitary system, is a tap mixer that enriches water with oxygen and reduces consumption by a factor of 2.

  • Poolnologies pool water filtration system reduces pump workload by more than 50%.

  • A central inverter air conditioning system is designed on each floor. Saves up to 40% energy compared to conventional split systems.

  • Ceiling fans and energy saving light bulbs.

  • And if you want to make your house even more sustainable, there is also the possibility to install solar panels. Considering the number of sunny days on the island, solar panels would be extremely effective. Please contact our manager for more detailed information.

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